My Motivation

My Motivation

In this repost there s the reason why I ve chosen to become a microblading artist and change my career as former flight attendant for a major airline.

Who knows me is aware of my passion for drawing , art and after years giving tips to friends and colleagues about makeup , I wanted to let me brows microbladed by this amazing artist , @Sara Vecchi.

She has a very long waiting list for and I ve started to follow her unique brows works on IG.

Everyday I was falling more in love with her works , with the concept , with this art .
That s how I ve learned about Phiacademy ,where she is a master and I ve simply decided to go for it and have her as my master teaching me this Manual art.

It s an amazing journey , a lot to learn but passion it s speeding it up.

Happy for have choosen this prestigious Academy and big supportive family.

I Love every Phiday!

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