be aware! improper treatments

be aware! improper treatments

choosing a Microblading artist



Microblading can give amazing results, but only if performed by a

certified professional. 

Be careful who you trust with your brows, as this is a crucial step to avoiding microblading gone wrong brows scenarios.

Please not the in most countries everybody can just start to offer microblading treatments without even beeing properly certified

  • Besides obvious changes in appearance and potential health and infection risks, bad microblading leads to a drop in self-confidence causing long-lasting discomfort.
  • If you’re considering undergoing a treatment like this, do thorough research beforehand, and don’t be afraid to ask questions to your artist.

Why do you have to be careful choosing your microblading artist?

To Avoid poorly executed brows:

  • uneven, asymmetric arches, needle strokes too long, too short or too thick
  • unnatural positioning of the arches,
  • blocks of colour rather than hair-like strokes
  • wrong choice of pigment shade, cheap pigments turning red or violet…



Botton Line: Since a Microblading Treatment is semipermanent, you will have to live for a while with an improper conducted treatment.





The shape of brows on your forehead has to be the right one and upgrade your face , the strokes have to follow natural hairs grow and have a natural drawing…

The depth at which the pigment is injected is also a potential issue.

All these can leave you with unnatural, artificial-looking brows for up to 24 months.

Apart from these aesthetic disasters, poor execution can leave you with an infection, permanent scarring if the technician is too aggressive, or an allergic reaction if the tech fails to clarify with you your health condition or if is safety and sanitizing is Not accurate .  Disposable tools are expensive but worth it!

If you’re considering undergoing a microblading treatment, please do your research ! 

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