Asian Brows

Asian Brows

Microblading Skills

One of the most difficult skills in eyebrow microblading is to place the hair strokes naturally, it means following the natural brows hairs. A skilled artist has to be able to draw different bespoken patterns that suit western but also Asian brow hairs.

What is  AN Asian Brow?

Asian Brows usually also differ in the shape , are less arched and have different spines.

The eyebrow spine indicates where the hair would start to naturally go downward. 

Typically, there are 4 common eyebrow spines: spine 3, spine 5, spine 6, and upper spine.

About Spine 5

The technically called  Spine 5 is the one more frequent for Asian brows and the hairs turn downward very close to the brow head.

Find an artist that can microblade a bespoken pattern is the only way to have a natural result.

As we love natural results, we are also specialized in  Asian brows patterns, We are one of the few experienced with asian microblading in Lisbon.

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